The Future of American Politics by Jon Harthun

I have seen the future of American politics and it’s not white, male or Christian.

As we pull back from the 2012 election and analyze the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, wealthy Caucasian men —though they certainly shouted the loudest and tossed around the most money— seemed to have an underwhelming influence. Their views, often times conservative, reached little more than a population of like-minded individual that ultimately proved to be unpersuasive; a ruling class of individuals who once ran Washington with manipulation who couldn’t use all the cash in the world to buy the election.

Instead, the American people —namely women, youth, and minorities— cast their ballots with an overwhelming response and support for social progress, outweighing the once-powerful wealthy white aristocrats that got used to having their way with America, even if she kept saying ‘no.’

And speaking of rape, it seems pretty obvious in hindsight, that making under-educated, alpha-male speculations on forced sex, abortion and birth control were not great career moves. Every male candidate who made it clear their ignorance of the female body and their disdain for women’s rights —including presidential candidate Mitt Romney— were out-voted by more progressive, often times female and minority politicians; a record number of women now hold seats in Congress. 

As we begin to make sense of the message America sent Washington this election, we see quite clearly it’s a message of equality —an equality that is yet to be reached, no matter how ‘modern’ and ‘forward-thinking’ America claims to be. This overlooked majority —females, college students, poor, homosexuals and minorities— have been historically silenced in their fight for a level playing field and the over-funded GOP candidates running wanted little to do with them, banking on the Caucasian male vote.

Ironically, a country that prides itself on being a melting pot of culture, was astounded when that potpourri of race and gender didn’t respond well to being ignored and undervalued.

America asked a question and was not in the least bit prepared for the answer.

As a result, we will be swearing-in women of all races, religions and sexual preferences, to help run this country. For the first time ever, a congress-person will be taking their oath with a hand over the Bhagavad Gita, not the Bible.

That person is congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, the face and future of American politics.  As a multi-racial, Hindu, female leader, she is at the forefront of the United States’ equal and opposite reaction to the white, Christian, male-dominated politics that people have clearly grown tired of. 

America spoke loudly this election, and it wasn’t in the voice Washington was expecting.